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Divers on a surface interval on a boat in Pulau Tenggol Malaysia


What our customers say about us

I’ve never been diving before and must admit was a little nervous at first but Jamie @ DRP soon took care of that. He got me through my open water dives in two days and on the third day I was able to truly enjoy the wonders of the reef. DRP are great instructors and fantastic dive guides. I can’t recommend enough.

Sam Collison - UK

Diving with DRP was awesome. Jamie has a great ability to enhance the diving experience with his pure passion for the ocean and an approach which encourages a strong mix of learning and fun. He was kind enough to spend significant time out of the water teaching us about various conservation projects and the importance of adapting some simple things in our lives in order to help the ocean. This was a truly unforgettable diving experience and one which I’ll be recommending to my friends for many years to come. Jamie really went above and beyond what is expected and I’m amazed by how much we all learnt in a relatively short space of time. Thanks again DRP!!


Diving with Jamie at DRP was both fun and enriching.

Through him I found a whole new world to enjoy and relax in. He’s also strict when it counts, which is a really good thing as it kept me out of trouble and made sure I learned how to do things properly in a safe environment.

Marlo Ongpin - Philippines

As a novice diver, DRP provided a safe and enjoyable environment for me to complete my open water course. Alongside this, I was able to learn more about the ocean environment and understand the threats this currently faces and what I could do to help. Would highly recommend DRP Dive Tours!

Robin Wilkinson - UK

The best thing about booking our trip with DRP dive tours was that all the logistical headaches were taken out of our hands.
We were advised on the best route to the island by Jamie and his team who guided us on the most appropriate flights to ensure we maximised our time in the water.
Transport from the airport on Panglao was taken care of by the team and we arrived at the accommodation which was excellent. The best thing about it was the location, we were no more than a 5-minute walk to the dive centre.
The diving was well organised every morning at the dive centre and all the equipment was in the boat and ready for us, after a quick briefing we were off for an excellent days diving.
The location of each dive was different and expertly selected to allow us to experience different underwater environments, see different species, and utilise different dive skills.
The instruction was excellent and the diving was kept in line with our own eco views which was great to see.
All in all, I would thoroughly recommend DRP dive tours, if you want a dive holiday with no headaches, excellent dive sites and top class guiding then look no further.

Robert Maunder - Zimbabwe

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