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Island diving



As a dive tour business, diving is one of the most important elements that is offered as part of the DRP services. With this in mind, we recognise that diving needs to be very well organised to ensure guests maximise their experience in this area.


The partners that we have alligned to all provide world class diving in extremely well run operations. Our teams will ensure that the relevant information about each guest, their skills and requirements are shared with each operation to ensure seamless checking in processes, adequate preparation time and varied itinerarys for each day of diving.


Guests will ultimately be responsible for enjoying the amazing dive experiences to their fullest and developing their own understanding of the marine environment through the guidance of our partners


Throughout our tours, DRP will endeavour to provide guests with excellent accommodation facilities which are as sustainable as possible. We will be able to offer guests several options dependent on budgets and requirements and these will be tied in as part of the overall package provided by DRP


Transfers can sometimes be a bit of a headache as travellers can be tired and potentially at risk of paying above market rates for mediocre service. At DRP, we work with local operators to ensure seamless transfers from site to site and as always, environmental consideration will be of the utmost importance in all areas.

Land-Based Activities

As with any diving holiday, surface intervals are very important especially towards the end of a trip. The team at DRP will carefully plan some land-based activities for our guests to be able to relax and reflect on the overall experience of their trip whilst also enjoying new activities.

Continued Education

We recognise that guests may want to incorporate further education into their trip to develop new skills and gain more certifications. The team at DRP will be happy to consult with guests prior to the trip on potential courses, timeframes and associated costs so that these can be factored into the trip. All courses will be delivered by our partner operations and will be carried out in strict adherence to both the operations and governing certification bodies rules and regulations.

Bespoke Trips

Alongside our published tours, we also offer services to plan and provide bespoke tours for groups. In these, we can help guests stitch together multiple options and activities and even countries.

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