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Maldives – Pelagic Conservation Tour

April 20th - 27th

Trip Theme

The Maldives has been a top dive destination for good reason as the unique environment that the atolls provide allows for some wonderful excursions and experiences with many different pelagic species that frequent the area.

One of the biggest threats to this environment is the increasing rise in sea levels caused by global warming. With its highest point at only 2.4 metres above sea level – the Maldives is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Our tour will aim to show guests some of the wonders of this environment but also what threats it currently faces and what is being done to alleviate these.

Our Hosts

Our hosts for this tour will be the award-winning Carpe Diem operation run by Amir Mansoor and Agnes van Linden.

The tour will be on their newest vessel the Carpe Novo the largest of the three vessels within the fleet.

The team at Carpe Diem have been actively involved in conservation efforts within the Maldives and DRP will be working with the team to highlight some of the conservation efforts within this amazing area.

The Tour

The Ari Atoll is one of the largest atolls within the Maldives and the islands are spread over an area of about 89 x 3 kilometres. As part of this DRP tour, the aim will be to show guests some of the incredible diving available whilst travelling around this area.

A Maldives liveaboard diving safari is without doubt the best way to explore these magnificent Atolls The diverse itinerary of the liveaboard gives you the opportunity to visit many of the varied atolls and experience many types of underwater landscapes in just one trip!

Throughout the 8 day tour, the aim will be to show guests some of the variety of dive sites from coral reef systems, wrecks and pelagic hotspots to demonstrate the levels of biodiversity this oceanic resource has.

Along the tour, guests will be offered the opportunity to develop their understanding of particular environmental and conservation issues and what actions are being taken to mitigate these but also what we all can do to help.

The Package - Standard Deluxe Cabin

$2,540 per person based on 2 persons sharing a cabin


  • 7 nights aboard the vessel
  • 3 meals daily, plus between-dive snacks
  • Drinking water, (instant) coffee/tea
  • 3 dives daily (except for on the day of arrival and day before departure) including one or two night dives
  • Use of tanks, weights and belts
  • Airport transfers on the days of embarkation/disembarkation
  • GST 12%


  • Rental,
  • Instruction, nitrox and retail charges
  • Green tax of 6 USD p/p per night
  • Crew gratuities
  • Trip cancellation and dive insurance
Boat Facilities
  • Carpe Novo crew 10
  • Dhoni crew 3 people
  • Wi-Fi internet access available
  • Media area
  • Open-air restaurant & Bar
  • Camera Equipment room
  • All the latest navigation systems
Dive Facilities
  • 15 m Diving dhoni
  • 5 m dinghy
  • Air compressors 16mc/h each
  • 29 aluminium diving tanks octopus int/din attached 12 lt. each
  • 2 aluminium oxygen tanks mono-attached int/din 5 lt. each
  • Weight belts
  • Medical oxygen tank
  • Dive gear rental on board
  • Nitrox available at an additional cost
Conservation Topics

At DRP, the aim of our tours is always to provide guests with specific insights into the area, what are the conservation challenges and what is being done to combat these.

The positioning of the Maldives means that pelagic visitors such as manta rays and whale sharks are common. Due to a long life cycle and pressures from targeted fishing, rays and sharks, in particular, are in decline and guests will have an opportunity to learn more about this and what is being done.

Coral reefs are the foundations for so much marine life and the Maldives has not escaped recent mass bleaching and acidification events – as part of the trip we will also be conducting some reef surveys and learning more about propagation techniques.

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