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Komodo – Paradise Revisited

November 17th – 23rd 2019

Trip Theme

The Komodo National park is one of the best known dive locations in the world but is in a critical condition which could see this once pristine environment pushed past the point of return. Famous for its vibrant coral reef systems and the many pelagic visitors including mantas, current changes in environmental conditions are having a direct impact on these critical species within the national park.

The theme for this DRP trip will be focused on understanding more about what makes the park so special and vulnerable in equal measure and what is being done to ultimately help protect this precious resource. November is at the tail end of the Komodo season and is a perfect time to get further around the national park exploring less-visited corners and ensuring a unique and insightful experience on this marine area.

As part of the theme, we will be aiming to understand more about some of the elements that make the park so special including the incredible coral systems and the manta aggregations. Guests will have an opportunity to actively partake in coral propagation and manta citizen science projects.

Our Hosts

Our hosts for this adventure will be the epic Wunderpus team. This will be our third trip together and each one is a development and progression from the last.

Wunderpus co-founder Ed Statham has been a passionate advocate for increased environmental governance within the national park and developing more protections to save this for future generations. As a founding member of DOCK (dive operators community Komodo) he has been central to the development of sustainable operating procedures across the park and the enforcement of these in turn.

The Tour

The tour is scheduled for 7 days / 6 nights. November is at the end of the Komodo season and is one of the best times to see Komodo and potentially access some of the more remote locations in the national park but also enjoy relatively quiet and uncrowded sites. Guests will have the opportunity to perform an optional check dive on the Mimic day boat to allow guests to familiarise themselves with Komodo and the diving conditions within the park.


The Safari will be focused on finding both the big creatures such as mantas, sharks, mobulas, whales and the small and abundant macro sites available.


As part of the tour, guests will also be given the chance to partake in a coral propagation course using one of Oceanquest Global partners’ nursery site. This will include site surveys, further information about the coral biology, threats and preservation techniques and an opportunity for guests to plant their own specific coral which they will receive growth updates on.


Alongside this, guests will be working with the Wunderpus and DRP team to experience the majesty of the national park but also understand its current fragility and what can be done to combat this.

The Schedule
November – 16th                  Guests arrive in Labuan Bajo/Check Dive
November – 17th Tour Day 1 – Coral propagation workshop
November – 18th Tour Day 2
November – 19th Tour Day 3
November – 20th Tour Day 4
November – 21st Tour Day 5
November – 22nd Tour Day 6
November – 23rd Tour Day 7
November – 24th Guests depart Labuan Bajo
The Package

Package cost per person is $2,350

The package includes the following:
– Private Charter of the entire boat (Maximum 8 guests)
– Accommodation in double cabins with AC,
en-suite bathroom and hot water shower (4 cabins in total, 2 of which have a double bed and 2 of which have a double bed and a raised single bed).
– 4 delicious meals per day
– Unlimited water/tea/coffee
– Minimum 3 dives per day with DM/Instructor in a group of maximum 4 divers
– Unlimited Snorkeling
– All equipment and personal safety equipment,
– Trekking with the Komodo Dragons on
Rinca or Komodo Island
– Harbor clearance
– Airport pick up/drop off if required
– Evening workshops and talks to help guests understand more about the threats to this

– Coral conservation course with follow up updates on coral growth for the first year

– 1 x 125ml bottle of reef friendly sunscreen

– Exclusive DRP merchandise

– DOCK sustainability pack including reusable tote bag, metal straw & cleaning brush in pouch, reusable DOCK bottle, DOCK supporters diving tag (provides 10% discount on F&B with DOCK supporters restaurants and free re-fills)

The package excludes:
– Beer/wine/sodas
– Staff

– National Park fees*

*National Park fees are required for each day of your trip and consist of the following per person:
Diving Ticket: 175,000IDR/day (250,000IDR on Sundays and National Holidays)
Local tax: 100,000IDR/day

Snorkeling Ticket: 165,000IDR/day (240,000IDR on Sundays and National Holidays)
Trekking Fee: 100,000IDR per person plus a guide fee of 80,000IDR
splittable by up to 4 people per guide. Note that trekking fees are only needed when we go dragon trekking on Rinca or Komodo Island.

– Check dives and dragon trekking on Mimic on 16th (Approximately $100pp)

– Evening Meal costs on the 16th and 23rd

– Accommodation on the 16th and 23rd **

** DRP are happy to organise this element but have not costed this in as guests may have differing accommodation requirements.

Conservation Topics

At DRP, the aim of our tours is always to provide guests with specific insights into the area, what are the conservation challenges and what is being done to combat these.

With the start of the manta ray migration season, we will be aiming to show guests these graceful creatures and help them understand more about the challenges that they currently face.

Komodo has huge biodiversity and the coral reefs form an integral part of this, however, destructive fishing practices, over tourism and other factors are significantly damaging these. The DRP team will provide insights into coral conservation and will provide guests with the opportunity to learn and discover more about this critical environment for the health of our oceans.

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