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A diver carries out coral restoration checks

Conservation Projects

The Projects We Have to Help the Oceans

Coral Propagation

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse environments recorded in the ocean and yet they are at a point of real and genuine threat.


Coral propagation is arguably one of the most important areas in ocean conservation at this point in time as the scientific research and development are helping people understand exactly how these environments can be nurtured and some of the huge impacts over the past century can be mitigated in turn.


DRP has been blessed to team up with OceanQuest and their found Anuar Abdullah to partake in some of these critical propagation programmes. In these, guests will learn more about the biology of corals, the OceanQuest propagation methodology and how we can all partake in this propagation process

Pelagic Protection

Pelagics are increasingly becoming more and more threatened by cataclysmic overfishing, toxification of the oceans and general bad practices all round. DRP has teamed up with a number of charities who are tasked with the preservation of these precious animals and our projects will focus on showing these gentle giants to guests first hand but helping the actions that are being taken at home and how we can help with these.

Marine Debris Programme

Marine Debris is arguably one of the most critical issues facing our ocean environment at this current point in time and it is here that we see great developments going forward but also some of the direct and shocking consequences of this pollutant within the environment. We have teams working together on all trips to help collect marine debris wherever possible as part of our contribution back to the oceans.

Turtle Conservation

Turtles have been on this planet for millions of years and have evolved to survive many disasters in that time. Unfortunately, their numbers are in drastic decline for many reasons with many species being classified as critically endangered.


Join us as we work with some exceptional charities who are helping turtle populations make a recovery and ensuring the next generation has a fighting chance of survival.

School Conservation Talks

It is widely agreed that conservation starts with education.


At DRP we have developed an educational outreach programme to educate and inspire the next generation about the ocean, its threats and what can be done to help mitigate these.


Currently operating within Malaysia only, the aim is to spread this programme around the rest of south-east Asia and develop a teaching framework that can be replicated easily with the greatest possible impact.

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