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About Us

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About Us

Dive Respect Protect (D.R.P) Dive Tours was launched in 2017 to address a gap in the recreational diving market.

From experience of working in different dive operations, there was a clear disparity between organisations, some were doing things very well and were heavily focused on the impact they have on the surrounding environment, others quite simply, were not.

Alongside this, working with many different divers, it was clear that many had a passion for the preservation of this marine environment but aside from recommendations from other divers within their communities, there was no specific way to ensure that a diving operation really was as environmentally focused as it was projecting.

With this in mind, we set about developing a tour operation which provides divers with a service that focuses on providing diving in an environmental and conservation focus from start to finish and empowers guests to feel directly involved in the conservation of this precious resource.

Our Offering

Our offering is as follows:

  • To bring divers to the best dive operators across the world who provide a safe and controlled environment for diving practices
  •  To ensure all aspects of the tour from diving, accommodation, logistics and activities are organised in the most environmental manner possible
  •  To introduce guests to “local champions” who have been working tirelessly to preserve and protect their local surroundings
  •  To offer guests the ability to learn new skills and get involved with local projects such as coral propagation and pelagic protection
  • To create a community and platform of like-minded divers and environmentalists who have a passion for conservation and use this platform as a means of bringing awareness of campaigns and initiatives to a wider audience
Our Values

Our Values Include:

  • To dive in a way that minimises any potential environmental impact whilst maximising positive conservation/awareness impacts
  • To support local initiatives that help protect marine areas and species and engage with the local champions about how we can help
  • To support conservation organisations and provide them with a platform to raise awareness with like-minded individuals
  • To protect the ocean for the next generations
  • To educate and empower the next generation on ocean conservation
Our People

Jamie Allan:

Having worked in the corporate London life for close to a decade, Jamie and his partner Zara decided to follow a different track and moved out to SE Asia to start training up into the professional leagues of diving.

With Divemaster in Malapascua and then IDC in Bali, Jamie set about travelling around the coral triangle finding the best place to work and live in. Eventually settling in Bohol for a season, he loved being able to share his passion for the underwater world and teaching people about this wonderful environment and its idiosyncrasies.

Whilst Jamie enjoyed the experience of working within a dive operation, it became abundantly clear that not all operations have the same attitude to the underwater world and its preservation and the majority of divers he worked with had a keen interest in using a partner who provided tours in a sustainable manner. It was from this realisation that DRP was born.

Since the idea came about, Jamie has been working from his base in KL to build dive tours where every operational element is assessed and considered for its environmental impact and understanding where potential new conservation projects can be created across the coral triangle.

Jamie is MSDT qualified, a coral propagation trainer and a keen underwater photographer which has seen the inception of IDREAMINMACRO – a project he runs with Zara.

Our Conservation Projects

Our Projects:

  • Coral Propagation
  • Palegic Protection
  • Community engagement
  • Marine and Beach Clean Ups
  • Turtle Conservation
  • Shark Conservation
  • Educational Outreach Programmes

Our Community

Our network is our most powerful asset and one which we will continue to grow.

By providing a platform where like-minded divers can meet and interact with one another, discuss issues and resolutions and engage in conservation awareness activities the collective empowers the individual on a much larger scale.

Alongside this, the platform created in this process allows campaigns and movements of conservation organisations to be supported on a much wider scale.

DRP has been formed to nurture this network but we recognise that we are the sum of all parts and therefore are much more likely to succeed in projects acting as a whole collective rather than an individual

Come and Dive with us!

Welcome to our underwater world!

Get in touch to find out how you can be a part of our next adventure and how you can make a difference to our oceans!

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